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A Lot of Peanuts…

Over-Cooked Peanuts

Over-Cooked Peanuts

My brother has over ten pigs, and he is constantly looking for low cost ways to feed them healthy food. For example, there are many types of food that expire on a particular day, but are good for pigs to eat many months after their expiration date. Some of these foods include left overs, expired bread, and canned food that doesn’t seal properly, and needs to be eaten immediatly. So, I was only a little suprised when George found some Over-Cooked Peanuts, which actually taste pretty good (their not salted), for a very low price per 50 pound bag.

I looked online, and found that peanuts are a healthy snack for chickens, and asked George if I could try feeding my chickens a handful. He said “Take a whole bag”, and so I did. The chickens loved this new snack, and ate up all the Peanuts before eating there usual diet of Chicken Layer feed.

All in All, I guess using what is available from the land, and your neighbors is what farming is all about.

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