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It’s Getting Hot in Here….

95 Degrees, In February !

95 Degrees, In February !

This photo reminds me of the song “It’s Getting Hot in Here” by Nelly. I was so amazed at the tempurature, I had to take a picture.  There is a problem though, If the greenhouse gets up to 95 Degrees in February, it’s ganna be HOT in June.  I may need to modify the roof construction to allow more heat to escape in daylight. I might add a trap door of sorts in the roof that can be opened in the morning, and closed at night.

There are currently two windows located near the peak, with one of them visible in the picture above. I have covered these openings with plywood for the winter, but I hope to install louvered windows, that open automatically when a fan is turned on. I have no idea where to purchase that sort of thing, so I may be constructing them myself.

You can also see the shelves that I built on Saturday. They are constructed out of scrap trim, and will be used to hold any plants that do not fit on the yellow water tables. I’ve made each shelf 14 inches tall, since the shelves in my grow room turned out to be too short last year. The shelves will hold plastic containers, and I will fill the base with water.

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