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Hanging Flower Pots

I had no plans for today, so when I woke up, I was unsure what to pass the time doing. I grabbed a seed catalog, and figured I would find some new vegetable to grow, but what I found was really ingenious. There was a small metal hook system for hanging up flower pots. While I thought this was a really neat idea, I wasn’t going to pay $5 for a piece of metal that was twisted and streched by a machine in who knows what country.  Surely I thought, I can make something similar. And so, I found my plan for the day.

Making a Stencil

Making a Stencil

I started tinkering with a flower pot, and drawing the silhouette on a thin piece of wood. I then used a skill saw to cut out a stencil. Sure enough, the stencil worked, and supported the wieght of the pot. I now had a new dilemma, the wood I was cutting would need some way to be fastened to the wall, which spawned a new idea. I could nail the thin piece of wood to the beams, and then hang the flower pot off the beam. This worked great, so I decided to find some better wood.

Cutting out the undesired part.

Cutting out the undesired part.

In the barn, I located a nice piece of untreated, and unstained trim. I decided to make the “hangers” 5 inches long, and about 2 inches wide. To make the cutting easier, I left all of the pieces together, and cut out the silhoutte. When I was done with that, I cut the pieces into there final size. I decided to make four of these hangers, and I nailed them to a beam in a zig-zag fashion, 7 inches apart vertically.

Hanging Flower Pots

Hanging Flower Pots

Now, comes the hard part. I need to pick out some flowers, or herbs that will look nice in the pots.

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