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Rooting Cuttings, Part Two

A Six Foot Tall Cutting

A Six Foot Tall Cutting

In an attempt to keep myself from being a gloomy grump this winter, I’ve been experimenting with Cuttings from various plants. My main focus has been trying to figure out a way to clone Fruit Trees. I’ve had some progress, and much failure, but without missteps, you may never taste success. I started my experiments with small cuttings, similar to cloning grapes; the results are promising at first, but the plants died from Desication, or the lack of water.

I have been trying a slightly different method, with longer cuttings, 3 ft or longer; as well as changing the method of “planting them”. With the original experiment, I simply poured miracle grow into a plastic tote, and stuck the clippings into the dirt. This time, I’ve used Peat Moss, with a bit of Miracle Grow, and I’ve packed the soil tightly to keep air bubbles out. I next placed the whole container in a bucket of water, which will automatically water the plant.

So after a few weeks, I have two clones that are doing well. I am hoping I finally get some plants, but if I don’t, I will keep trying with more and more sophisticated attempts….

A Detailed View.

A Detailed View.

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