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2010 Tomatoes

Test Tomatoes

Test Tomatoes

I’ve started six tomato plants; partly as a seed test, to ensure the seeds I’ve saved from last year will germinate, and partly to get a super early jump on the season. I plan on setting them out in the greenhouse around May, each in a large bucket.

Here is a list of the varieties growing:

1.) Cherokee Purple

2.) Cold Set

3.) Yellow Brandywine

4.) Roma

5.) Striped Tomatoes from China, name unknown

6.) Golden Girl

I made my own seed starters. You could buy the Jiffy pellets, but it would be cost prohibative for me to order so many. My seed starters are the bottom part of a styrofoam cup. I simply cut the top two rings off. I also poked some holes in the base to let the water in.

2-5-2010: Updated the photo with a newer one, that shows more detail.

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  1. February 5, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    You can make your own seed starters out of newspaper too. Just make a little cup and fill it with dirt. Then in the spring when you plant, you can just plant the whole thing.


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